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Key Financial Planning

As your independent financial adviser, we take a refreshing approach to map out your financial journey. Our methods allow us to work alongside you making sure you keep on track through life’s unexpected U-turns.

Helping you create your financial plan:

We get to the heart of what really matters to you
Identify your needs and objectives
Understand what financial freedom means to you
Help fulfil your goals and lifetime ambitions
Continue to review your plans against the backdrop of changing circumstances

Why make a financial plan?

It pinpoints individual goals you are looking to achieve
It allows us to identify the best methods to achieve them
Allows you to have clarity and certainty on your financial freedom
Gives you peace of mind and control over your future

Having a plan in place helps you sleep easy. Being in control and having someone you can trust to guide you has real value. That guide can also help make your finances more tax efficient enabling you to keep more of what you earn.

Moreover, we care about you and are committed to building a deep and enduring relationship together. We are devoted to making your financial life better.


Key Financial Planning was created with an ambition to provide a truly holistic financial planning service. We are here to help you understand how a piece of advice benefits your long term financial goals. We are committed to ensuring our advice remains appropriate against a backdrop of a multitude of changes.

We offer all potential clients a free initial consultation.

We offer independent advice in the areas of:

Retirement Planning
Financial Planning
Estate Planning
Personal Injury
Clinical Negligence

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Key Financial Planning goes beyond advice. It was established to enable individuals to accomplish their financial objectives. We firmly believe that the destiny of your financial goals firmly lies within the plans you put in place today and we are committed to achieving your dreams as you are.

Unlock your financial freedom

We understand that your time is more precious and valuable. The best way to predict your future is to plan for it. At Key Financial Planning, we will give you clarity on how to spend your time allowing you to achieve your lifelong aspirations.


We are committed to providing the highest standards of financial advice and service possible. The interest of our clients is paramount to us and to achieve this we have designed our systems and procedures to place you at the heart of our business. As part of our ethos we have identified a number of key areas that we aim to deliver on for all connected parties:


Our main priority is you
Put you at the forefront of our decisions – without you there is no us.
We consistently challenge ourselves to deliver the best quality experience for our clients


Provide solid, sound and suitable advice
Deliver excellence in all of our dealings with you


We are clear and transparent in all of our dealings
Avoid unnecessary and technical jargon
Open and honest in all activities, distinctly identifying all explicit charges


Exceed the minimum professional development standards
Committed to the standards outlined by professional and regulatory bodies


Monitor, review and implement changes for positive client outcomes
Challenge processes and systems to drive through business innovation and progression
Perform ongoing Due Diligence on all parties to ensure ongoing suitability

Unlock your financial freedom. Get started today.